Shariff: Social media buttons with data protection

With Shariff, we protect visitors’ privacy from the exaggerated curiosity of social networks such as Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. Visitors can share a page with friends with just one click.


Shariff: Social media buttons with data protection


With Shariff, you can use social media without putting your privacy at risk. The c’t project Shariff replaces the usual share buttons of social networks and protects your surfing behavior from prying eyes. However, a single click on the button allows you to share information with others if you desire.


The usual social media buttons transfer the user data to Facebook & Co. each time you visit the site and provide the social networks with precise information about your surfing behaviour (user tracking). You do not need to be logged in or a member of the network. A Shariff button, on the other hand, only establishes direct contact between the social network and the visitor when you actively click on the ‘Share’ button.


Shariff prevents you from leaving a digital track on every page you visit and improves data protection. Then you can ‘like’, ‘+1’ or ‘tweet’ as you wish – that’s all the social network gets.


The Privacy Advantage of Shariff


The widespread share buttons represent a considerable data protection problem because they establish unnoticed contact to the servers of the social networks. For example, Facebook sends the number of “likes” directly to the visitor’s browser – and logs individual surfing behavior. Which is not the case of Shariff.


Shariff appears here as an intermediate instance: Instead of the browser, the server of the website operator asks for the number of likes – and this only once per minute so that traffic is kept to a minimum. Thus, you as a visitor remain anonymous.


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